Hayward, CA goldenstateferretsociety@gmail.com 510.755.9532

Lost & Found

For ferret emergencies like…

  • Your ferret has been confiscated by authorities
  • Your ferret is lost
  • You have found a stray ferret
  • You need to find a new home for your ferret

Call us immediately at (510) 755-9532

Leave a message if we do not immediately pick up. Any information we receive is kept strictly confidential.

If you find a ferret…

Finding a lost ferret is not a lost cause! Nor is it hard to help a found ferret. Lost ferrets will not bite or attack you – in fact, they are simply scared and wondering what is happening. If you have trouble getting a ferret to come to you, squeak toys and whistling are usually a good way to get them to approach you. Bring the ferret inside and place them in either a large box with the top open, or a small carrier. Be sure to provide them with some water and kitten food.

Once the ferret has been tended to, please call us immediately to arrange pick-up and out of state transportation. There is NO cost to you to do this, and all information we receive is strictly confidential. If you’d like to post signs that you have found a ferret, we recommend you use the phrase “small animal” rather than ferret on your signage, since ferrets are illegal in California.

If you lose a ferret…

Ferrets have extremely flexible bodies and can sneak into or out of almost anywhere. Because of this, ferrets may be able to escape from their cage or house without you even noticing. If you’ve looked in all of the usual hiding spots and you can’t find your fuzzy, please get the word out that your ferret is missing.

Please remember that ferrets cannot survive out in the wild.‚Äč Their hunting instincts have been bred out of them, so in the wild they will starve or be killed by predators. You can use this template to alert people around your neighborhood that you have lost one of your ferret friends.