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Lost & Found

For ferret emergencies like… Your ferret has been confiscated by authorities Your ferret is lost You have found a stray ferret You need to find a new home for your ferret Call us immediately at (510) 755-9532 Leave… Read More

Animals That Look Like Ferrets

Came across this great article on Chewy.com that really helps clarify what a mustelid IS and ISN’T, and how that wild creature you saw in your yard is definitely not a ferret! Read the full text here. With about 57… Read More

Ferret Clubs / Groups

There are more like-minded groups out there! If you’re not local to the SF Bay Area, or you’re just looking for more ferret information, we recommend the following organizations. Ferrets Anonymous​ – A great resources to help you… Read More

California Ferret Owners

We get a lot of emails from out-of-staters who are planning to move to California, but are worried and don’t know what to expect upon arrival with their fuzzies. To help clarify and put people’s minds at ease,… Read More

Featured Bay Area Veterinarians

Finding a qualified ferret Veterinarian in California can be a challenge. Many Vets who say they treat “exotic” pets don’t really know the intricacies of ferret medicine. It’s important to find a Vet who has lots of hands on, recent… Read More

Ferret Myths Debunked

Content reference from the 2015 legalizeferrets.org calendar theme featuring ’12 Ferret Myths’. 01. Ferrets are NOT wild animals. There are wild ferrets, but our pet – the domestic ferret – has been domesticated for thousands of years. There are no… Read More

Why Are Ferrets Illegal in California?

How did things go so awry in California for the domestic ferret? When the Department of Fish and Game (Now Fish and Wildlife) was created its mandate was to protect wildlife. In 1933 a statue entitled, “The Importation… Read More