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Welcome to the Golden State Ferret Society website! We are a non-profit, all volunteer organization whose members all share one thing in common: We love ferrets! We are committed to educating others about this loving domestic pet, we rescue and re-home ferrets in need, and support efforts to decriminalize them. Although ferrets are currently illegal in the state of California, we strongly believe that this can and will change with all of our help.

Since we are made up of all volunteers and often need to pay costly medical expenses for the (usually sick or elderly) ferrets we rescue, we welcome you to donate to our cause. Every little bit helps, and 100% of donations ultimately go to the ferrets. And now, your donations are tax deductible!

You don’t need to be part of our group, or even own a ferret to enjoy this website. All you need is to love animals or want to learn more about these amazing creatures. They just may steal your heart after browsing this site!

Start by reading up on some helpful ferret-related resources specifically for the state of California, and then come join us at one of our monthly meetings!


Not every person knows how to love a ferret, but every ferret knows how to love person.